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The day after I quit my dream job.

When it’s time to jump off the cliff- JUMP! When it’s time for an adventure – GO! When it’s time to find a new job – SEARCH! When it’s time to leave a job – LEAVE!  

Here I am, the first day after I quit my dream job. Did I really quit? Did I resign? Did I retire? Does it matter? I left.

I guess I’ve technically had 2 dream jobs in my life. And if we’re being honest, probably a few more than that. Let’s face it, they were all dream jobs for some reason or another. Honestly, I freakin’ loved milking cows, it might actually still be my favorite job ever.  I LOVED morning milking… or, maybe now that it’s over 20 years in the past, do I RECALL that I loved morning milking more than I actually did at the time?! Selective memory, right? I believe I loved it, and it was one of the most character-building experiences of my young adult life. So, maybe you should try milking cows, I promise you’ll learn a lot.

I remember the day I left my pretty awesome “big-girl” job to chase the first ‘dream job.’ I cried. I loved it there, and I loved the people, and I was pretty good at what I did. And it was comfortable. Comfortable? Is comfortable what I wanted, or is that what I left? I left comfortable, and dove head-first into the dream job. It was worth every tear. That dream lasted 6 years, then I left that dream job to chase a dream location.  See sometimes you can’t get all your dreams at once, even though I try hard to get everything I want. My dream location has always been Kentucky… so no matter how many times I leave, I always come back.  Even though I made it to the dream location, that gap between dream job 1 and dream job 2 was HARD. The pursuit of the next dream job to live up to the first dream job was WORK. There were a couple not-my-dream-jobs thrown in there. I can look back now and know all that work, the frustrations, the experiences, the challenges, the failures, and especially all the people, were part of the plan. New dream job, check.

I spent a decade at this last dream job, what a freakin’ amazing, and quick, 10 years. WOW. Time sure flies when you’re having fun with amazing people. I could’ve probably stayed forever, and there’s plenty of people who might think I’m crazy not to. I learned more than I would have thought possible, I grew, stretched, and developed. Most importantly, I cherish the opportunities, experiences and friendships from this past decade. Then, somehow, I knew it was time for me to jump the fence and gallop off to a different pasture. I guess I got pretty comfortable. And something else, I was shrinking. So, I left.

Today I start the next dream job.  And y’all, I’m ON FIRE.

So remember, when it’s time to jump off the cliff – JUMP! When it’s time for an adventure – GO! When it’s time to find a new job – SEARCH! When it’s time to leave a job – LEAVE!  

I am Jodi; dream job CEO, speaker of LIFE, dog-mom, above average wife most days, motivator and curious adventurer.  I have stories and life lessons waiting to be told, I have energy and experiences to share, and I have PEOPLE to talk about – I mean, not in a bad way, I’m going to share MY HEROES with you, because I LOVE my people.  

Stay tuned to #celebratelife with me!

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