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My favorite hashtag is #CelebrateLife, and there’s no better time than July 4th week to remind ourselves of all we have to celebrate!  I hope you’re as passionate as I am about working hard AND playing hard, and I want you to think about some of my favorite advice – we should all be having more fun in life than some people think we should! 

Find some time this week to be a friend and family fun facilitator! Go do something new, something different, break out some games, anything for some group fun, you can thank me later!

Why do I share this advice? Many of us have gotten a little too serious about life in general, the obligations, the “to-do” list, the hustle.

Fun? What if people think we’re not working hard, not taking our job or life situation seriously enough, or simply goofing off?! What we need is a little more collaborative goofing off! Tell stories, play games, belly laugh, be goofy, have some real life, playtime fun with people you love, and even some people you don’t really love, it doesn’t matter, just have fun!  

There is no doubt that life is not always a party; it’s hard and heart-breaking. It’s also magical and beautiful. We do have the choice to be more enthusiastic, more fun, and more grateful.

Think about how important fun is to you, and how it impacts the people you live and work with. Even in my DiSC profile, one of my workplace priorities is ‘Generating Enthusiasm!’  I excel at “Maintaining a high energy level, even in the face of adversity.” True. I am motivated by sharing enthusiasm with YOU, all while taking action and getting results! 

Friends, science proves, having more fun improves our relationships, makes us smarter, keeps us healthier, heck, it even strengthens our core! So get out there and have some fun, make some memories, #celebratelife, and LAUGH! 

Cheers to you, I’ll be outside to #celebratelife the rest of the week! 

– Jodi

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